Quest Wired Gaming Headset


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Immerse yourself in the gaming world with these Quest Wired Gaming Headphones from Intempo. Boasting an over-ear design with cushioned ear cups for passive noise isolation, the headset has built in LED lights to give a cool gaming experience and atmosphere, even in the dark. Featuring an adjustable microphone, the accessory can be used in an office environment or to communicate with other gamers. Suitable for all ages, the headset has an adjustable headband to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Ramp up your gaming equipment with the immersive Quest Wired Gaming Headphones from Intempo, from new gamers to the professionals.
  • Perfect for creating an interactive gaming experience, the headset has built-in LED lights and an adjustable headband and microphone.
  • Boasting soft fabric ear cups for extra comfort, the volume can be adjusted using the useful volume wheel situated on the left ear cup.
  • Compatible with Xbox, PS4, PS5, PCs and more, these LED headphones are a great addition to any gaming headset or office equipment.
  • Keeping you focused on the game, the headphones have an over-ear design which effortlessly blocks out any passive outside noise.
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