Metallics WS20 Earphones, Black


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Listen to music on the go and keep yourself entertained in the car, on the aeroplane or while exercising at the gym with these Intempo Earphones with a magnetic design that connects the earbuds together to wear around your neck. The earphones have a long 1.2 metre cable so you can store your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player safely in your pocket or bag as you listen, while the extra ear cushions will fit comfortably in the ear so you can enjoy listening to your favourite sounds wherever you go.

  • Perfect for listening to your favourite music in the car, on an aeroplane or even at the gym, these Intempo Earphones are a must-have.
  • Featuring a handy magnetic design, the earphones can be connected and worn around the neck, ideal for listening to music at the gym.
  • The earphones can plug into your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player using the 3.5 mm stereo jack to deliver great quality sounding music.
  • With extra cushioned earbuds, the earphones will fit comfortably into the ears so you can listen to your favourite sounds for longer.
  • Boasting a smart black design and a 1.2 metre cable, they will look smart in any setting and are perfect for everyday use or as a gift.
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