Metallic Look Bluetooth Earphones, Silver


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Perfect for the gym, running or simply for complimenting a busy lifestyle, these Intempo Bluetooth earphones allow you to move freely while enjoying your favourite music. With a tangle free cable to keep them connected they can wrap around your head for a secure fit, while the attached control enables you to change the volume with ease. The earphones come with three sets of cushioned earbuds for extra comfort and feature a built-in hands-free microphone so you can receive phone calls on the go.

  • Stay motivated with the best music in the gym, at work or on the move throughout the day using these Intempo Bluetooth earphones.
  • Featuring a wireless Bluetooth range of 10 metres, you can keep your phone in your pocket, rucksack or nearby to enjoy free movement.
  • Securely connected with a 60 cm cable, they have volume control buttons and a built-in hands-free microphone for receiving phone calls.
  • The earphones have a built-in rechargeable battery and come with a USB-micro USB charging cable which simply plugs into any USB port.
  • With great styling and dynamic sound, the earphones have a silver look and include three sets of cushioned earbuds for comfort.